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This website was launched in 2007 to give unbiased information on climate change, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, and how to become independent of fossil fuels. The calculator is constructed according to the best information available, and will be updated as new information becomes available.

The main author is Ian Campbell BA, BSc, MD, FRCS, FRCR.

Ian Campbell has worked as a doctor and as a medical statistics consultant. As well as medical qualifications, he has a degree in statistics and a doctorate in the use of statistical methods in cancer research - see
On Twitter: @Ian_Campbell_

We have no financial interest in this area. We have constructed the website because we care about what is happening to our world, and are concerned about the future of children and future generations.

Thanks are due to Margaret, Helen, Debbie, Peter, Carol, Geraldine, Clive, Andrew, Patrick, Ann, Gen and John for feedback on earlier versions of this calculator.


  • one of three recommended by Ethical Consumer Magazine (Nov/Dec 2007 issue) in the "Best Overall Online Calculators" category.
  • one of the calculators recommended by the Newsletter of Women's Environmental Network (Winter 2007 issue)
  • recommended by The Three Tonne Club Handbook (2008)

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Comments on any aspect of this website are welcome.

We aim to give a fair summary of the evidence, and give unbiased conclusions. If we have omitted important considerations, or not given them due weight, please let us know.



Evidence of the severity of the drought in Kenya - this was marked on the map as a river.

First published Feb 2007
Last updated: 1 Jan 2020